Wash Care

Our endeavour is to always use natural fibres to create the finest fabric and luxurious garments. We work closely with the artisans through the process of the garment creation. Since each of our products is handcrafted slight variation in colors, print, texture, embellishments etc., is expected.
Fabric :
Our products currently use both natural and commercial dying techniques and processes. As a result some of our products may bleed color when washed. We highly recommend that all Akiso garments be dry cleaned or hand washed with gentle soap only. Always wash the garments with like colors only.
However, we strive to reduce our impact on the environment, while ensuring the final product is still within reach. You too can contribute to this effort by “washing less”. 
Fabric Care
Our garments are easy to care for and do not require any special treatment. Always refer to your garments “Wash Care” tag for specific instructions.

Garment Care :
Shrinkage is usually observed in cotton fabrics, as the first wash causes the cotton fibres to contract and get packed closer together. However, our fabrics undergo extensive washing and processing before being ready for stitching. This allows for most of the shrinkage to take place before the garment is made. Ensuring the right care (as given here or on the “wash care” tag on the garment) one can expect minor shrinkage.
Press with a warm to hot iron while the garment is still damp or with a steam iron.
Avoid ironing on embellishments, when absolutely necessary try to use steam only.
At all times avoid touching the hot iron plate to the embellishments.