'Veera' meaning 'brother' in Punjabi, the collection embodies the spirit of resilience, grace and love.

Through 'Veera' we celebrate the bond of siblings with timeless craftsmanship featuring exquisite hand block prints capturing nature's beauty, it's exquisite flora. The hand block printing technique, revered for its authenticity and artistic appeal, ensures that each design is unique, reflecting the individuality and personal touch that the collection stands for.

Perfect for the season, 'Veera' combines intricate designs with the rich cultural essence of our age old festivities, making it a beautiful and meaningful addition to your wardrobe.



EDEN, The Enchanted Garden Collection captures the ethereal beauty of birds in flight, evoking a sense of freedom and grace while it also draws inspiration from the timeless beauty of roses, the ultimate expression of love. This collection is inspired by the heritage botanical motifs, which we reinterpret with a contemporary and minimalistic approach , embracing clean lines and modern silhouettes for a fresh and vibrant look for the season.

Through traditional Hand Block printing techniques, we have added a touch of heritage with a unique contemporary flair to each design. The collection’s colour palette featuring the complementary Royal Blue and Sapphire Green, infuses each garment with vibrant and lush energy reminiscent of a magical garden. Royal Blue adds depth and sophistication, making a statement while Sapphire Green brings a sense of freshness and vitality.

  • Indigenous Art

    Indigenous arts and crafts are our heirlooms and it is up to us to preserve these expressions of human creativity.

  • Slow Fashion

    We believe in “slow fashion”, timeless pieces that go beyond the ever changing trends and fads. 

  • Everyday Luxury

    Everyday luxury defined by handcrafted details in products. Works of art that become part of our everyday lives.

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