Yogis of Akiso Community

Yogis of Akiso Community


A glimpse into the diverse journey of wellness with Akiso Sattvik, as we introduce you to #AkisocommUnity.

From seasoned instructors to passionate beginners, our community thrives on the rich backgrounds that shape the unique stories behind each yogi ( in no particular order ).


1. Alka Periwal: Alka brings a fusion of invigorating yoga flows, uplifting positivity, and soul-soothing stretches. As a contortionist, she embodies flexibility and strength, showcasing the transformative power of yoga and the art of mindful movement.
Instagram: @yoga_by_alka

2. Essem Daultqazi: Essem specializes in mobility tutorials, core strength, invigorating yoga flows, and empowering movement practices. As a motivational force in the yoga community, Essem's guidance transcends the mat, fostering strength, flexibility, and positive energy. She brings expertise, positivity, and a unique blend of movement to inspire your wellness journey.

Instagram: @blacktigerwhitedragon

3. Greesha Dhingra :  Greesha, a holistic yoga instructor and founder of Adhyatm Yog and former marketer turned yogi. She shares traditional and sustainable yoga practices, emphasizing spirituality and sattvik living. Greesha's journey has inspired many to embrace a yogic path and raise consciousness for self and the environment. Adhyatma's Holistic Yoga Approach extends beyond personal benefits, advocating for environmental well-being. Greesha's dedication to breaking free from toxic fast-paced lifestyles and promoting holistic well-being makes her a true influencer on the path of conscious living
Instagram: @gree_yogabhyasi

4. Muskan Grover: Muskan, a certified yoga trainer, has transformed over 100 lives through her dynamic yoga flows, spreading positivity and promoting wellness. Her unique approach to yoga combines invigorating stretches with a focus on mental well-being.
Instagram: @_.vibeandflow._

5. Kavita Pant: Kavita, a certified yoga instructor, fitness coach, and an architect turned yogi brings a unique blend of expertise and mindfulness to the mat. As a globetrotter, Kavita travels, passionately spreading yoga awareness.She shares insightful yogic facts rooted in Indian traditions, providing a rich source of wisdom and a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being.
Instagram: @theindianyogagirl

6. Priya Chapekhar: Priya Chaphekar, esteemed yoga practitioner, wellness coach, and founder of Priyog, yoga school . As one of Akiso Sattvik's early customers, Priya's encouraging feedback fostered a deep connection. Today, she passionately shares her wisdom, guiding others through life's challenges with the transformative power of yoga
Instagram: @wildgirldiaries

7. Rakhi Sharma:  Rakhi's journey is a testament to the transformative power of yoga and breaking stereotypes. Overcoming childhood insecurities of her body , she found solace in yoga during the lockdown, unveiling a newfound bliss. Clad in sarees and inspiring with every yoga pose,  Rakhi's story echoes throughout, encouraging girls to embrace their strength, embody courage, and stand tall in pursuit of dreams.
Instagram: @_spiritualtherapy_

8. Rina Hindocha:  Rina Hindocha, an avid yoga practitioner and Ayurveda enthusiast. Her content on Instagram not only showcases her expertise but also serves as a guide for followers seeking a deeper understanding of these holistic practices, whether you're a seasoned yogi or just beginning your journey, Rina valuable resource for unlocking the benefits of yoga and embracing a holistic approach to well-being.
Instagram: @rindhindochayoga

9. Smriti Vashisht: Smriti is an accomplished  yoga influencer and  is widely recognized for her expertise in yoga. With a Masters in Yoga and UGC- JRF qualification, she stands out as a well-qualified yoga teacher. Her Instagram feed serves as a source of inspiration and guidance for yoga enthusiasts, showcasing various yoga poses and practices. Her educational background and dedication to sharing her knowledge through online classes make her a go-to source for yoga practitioners.
Instagram: @smriti.yoga

10. Shobhit Ghyanshala: Shobhit is a seasoned yoga teacher proficient in Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa. Traveling throughout the country and even outside India while he shares his expertise on various yoga asanas and advocates for positive and holistic living. His insightful content on various asanas, guides you on a journey to wellness and mindful living.
Instagram: @shobhitghanshyala

These yogis have done something truly special – they've not just kept the ancient yoga traditions alive but also made them work for our modern lives. They've shown us that we can live a yogic life in today's world, blending ancient wisdom with our everyday challenges. Their experiences are motivating for so many of us to start our own journey of wholesome living.
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