Priya Chaphekar's journey from glamour to self-discovery.

Priya Chaphekar's journey from glamour to self-discovery.

The demands and pressures of the modern, fast-paced life can become overwhelming. For many looking for a more grounding existence, yoga has proved to be an anchor. A magical concoction of asanas combined with pranayama, dhyana, and other limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, is known to unite the mind, body, and soul, thus fostering a sense of healing and personal transformation. 

The latest addition to our blog series is the story of Priya Chaphekar, yoga practitioner and wellness coach, and the founder of Priyog. Priya was one of our early customers when Akiso Sattvik was launched, and her encouraging feedback about our yoga sets instantly got us connected. Priya was kind enough to speak with us about her life and transformation that she had undergone.

Once living amidst the glitz of the beauty and fashion industry, Priya was on her way to climb high on the corporate ladder. However, she had this constant niggling feeling that something was amiss. In the quest for the missing pieces, she embarked on a journey to become a yoga instructor. Today, she finds fulfillment in sharing her knowledge and helping others navigate the challenges of everyday life.

Q- How has your transition been from a corporate job to a yoga instructor  ?

A- The transition from the corporate world was tough, but I took the leap and started with my Yoga TTC. Needless to say, I had my share of challenges and doubts, still have them on so many occasions, but I persevere with determination. I believe that honesty and passion are two values that are sure to help you grow. Do your best, and surrender the rest to God - Ishvarapranidhana - as Patanjali would say. And then over the years, you accept that although you’re a teacher, not everyone shares the same passion about the discipline. Now, as a teacher, I believe I have found my calling in life. I find fulfillment in the path I have chosen, sharing the transformative power of yoga with those who seek.

But none of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of my family and the larger yoga community that engulfs me.

Q- What keeps you moving forward as a yoga teacher?

A- I feel grateful to be a medium. I love to see students unwrap their gifts with glee every single day. On some days it’s nailing an asana, but on most days it’s lightness and joy. These are the days when I feel grateful to have taken this leap of faith. This is what keeps me moving forward in my journey.

Self-care and personal development have always been a priority, and I'm forever in the process of doing better. It has taken years of consistent effort to get to where I am, but what has truly helped me is the authenticity that percolated in my teaching, a value that great teachers have instilled in me.

For me learning is a continuous process and every student who has walked into my class has contributed to my growth and evolution as a teacher. Their presence fuels my sense of ambition to constantly read, learn, explore, and experiment. I'm excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and want to be able to touch as many people as I can. 

Q- How do you make yoga more relatable in this fast paced life?

A - I have lived that fast-paced life of corporate meetings, stringent deadlines, late nights, skipping meals and what not! Hence, I understand the struggles of finding balance and fulfillment amidst the never ending need to chase the next goal.

While I have been fortunate to make the shift, not everyone has the privilege to leave everything behind to make the transition, and most times it's not even their life goal.  Having said that, we must know that the problem begins when, in the process of chasing our dreams, we forget to prioritize our own health and well-being. 

Enter Yoga. It diffuses the tension of everyday life. I may travel the world, but I find my calm when I step on to my mat. That’s the place where my mind meets my body. 

In my role as a yoga instructor, I only aim to inspire others to use yoga as a tool to navigate their world with clarity, resilience, and self-love. It's not my place for judgment, but my students’ safe sanctuary to strive to be who they want to be. Yoga's transformative power resonates deeply with many seeking solace and meaning in their lives.

Hearing Priya’s story has been so inspirational! Reaffirming our belief at Akiso Sattvik that we have been given an opportunity to be a small part of such amazing lives, helping many directly or indirectly find the path to self-discovery and love.

In her own words, "Thank you for choosing me." And with that gratitude, we at Akiso Sattvik feel humbled to have been associated with Priya in a small way.

Discover Priya Chaphekar's inspiring journey as a yoga instructor.

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