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AKISO means "symmetry and balance” (in Shonan) and we embody this in every product we make. We believe that “design and form are one”. Hence, our designs are as much about aesthetic appeal as about being functional.
We at AKISO take pride in enabling over 30 artisans and their families in preserving their family trade passed down from generations and practiced for hundreds of years. Bringing forth not just the craft but the PEOPLE behind it.
Now more than ever there is a need for each of us to feel connected to our roots and heritage. At AKISO we aim to do just that and provide an experience that allows us to Celebrate our Traditions and feel connected.
Taking cognizance of the impact of the fashion industry on our environment, at AKISO we believe in working towards a more sustainable future. Focusing on use of 100% natural fabric and traditional techniques of production, are small steps that we are taking to make this happen.
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