Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of yoga by exploring our list of India's accomplished yogis shaping the wellness landscape . Our curated selection spans from seasoned veterans to emerging yogis.

Join in celebrating these transformative individuals who are not only elevating their own practice but also revolutionising the collective approach to holistic well-being.

  • Anshuka Parwani: Offering a wide variety of advice, from yoga poses for when you’re feeling lazy in bed to pranayama tutorials to yoga advice. With expertise in Aerial Yoga and a fusion of Yoga with Pilates, Anshuka Parwani offers innovative techniques and inspiring content for those seeking to deepen their yoga practice.
    Instagram: @anshukayoga

  • Deepika Mehta: Deepika Mehta’s journey to yoga is truly inspiring. After a rock climbing accident left her bedridden, she turned to yoga to heal and self-improvement. Today, she is recognized as one of the most motivating yoga influencers worldwide. 
    Instagram: @deepikamehtayoga

  • Radhika Bose: Radhika Bose, popularly known as Yogasini, offers great yoga and workout tips, as well as some general musings and advice. Radhika, an Instagrammer, TEDx speaker, focuses on the importance of exercise and fitness, and how even when life doesn’t go according to plan, there is a way to cope and overcome the challenges.
    Instagram: @yogasini

  • Natasha Noel : Natasha promotes self-growth and healing via the practice of yoga, encouraging individuals to be gentle with their bodies and to experiment as much as possible to emerge stronger. Her Instagram and YouTube videos are informative and a great guide through a step-by-step procedure of Yoga asanas.
    Instagram: @natashanoel001

  • Santoshi Shetty: Santoshi Shetty, a prominent fashion influencer turned yogi, has gracefully transitioned from the world of fashion to yoga. At the heart of her journey is 'Gardens of Santi,' a yogic platform she has cultivated, where she seamlessly blends vinyasa yoga, breathwork, ecstatic dance, and the spirit of adventure. As a seasoned yogi, she conducts invigorating yoga classes and organizes transformative yoga events.
    Instagram: @santosishetty

  • Sunaina Rekhi : Sunaina, a contemporary yogini and lifestyle consultant, has made remarkable strides in her yoga journey. She finished her Yoga Trainer training in Rishikesh and teaches at various reputable yoga facilities around Mumbai, encouraging many others to learn the practice of Yoga. She is one of the first Indian woman to be appointed as the UN’s Yoga representative.
    Instagram: @sunaina_rekhi

  • Shani Dayal: With a lifelong dedication to yoga, Shani Dayal’s practice evolved from a hobby to a way of life. By prioritizing mental and physical health, she passionately encourages others to embrace a holistic lifestyle. Her life’s mission is to share this holistic way of living, and she does yoga for both her physical and emotional well-being. 

  • Vinay Singh : Vinay, a certified yoga teacher, brings expertise in various yoga styles including Hatha, Ashtanga, Kriya, Vinyasa, and meditation. He takes part in challenges, and shares tips for posture troubleshooting, asana tutorials, pranayama how-tos, and more.
    Instagram:  @vinayyoga

  • Ishwari Patil: Ishwari Patil, a Mumbai-based women empowerment advocate and she has been transforming lives through her expert advice on diet, fitness, and yoga asana practice.Her emphasis on a balanced diet and dedication towards yoga make her a trusted resource for healthy living.
    Instagram: @_ishwari_

  •  Suvarna Choudhary: Suvarna, inspired by her recovery from a slipped disc, transformed into a yoga expert. Suvi Choudhury, a mother, a wife, and a daughter, is an inspiration to everyone considering changing careers. In 2009, she began her journey into the world of fitness and yoga. Since then, she has received training in several styles of yoga, including Ashtanga Vinyasa (L1 & L2), therapeutic yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Airo yoga.
    Instagram: @suviashtangayoga 

These yogis have masterfully navigated the intersection between traditional yogic principles and the demands of modern life. Through their unique perspectives, they have not only preserved the authenticity of yoga but have also seamlessly adapted it to address the challenges and aspirations of today. 
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